Buildings are expensive to operate and budgeting for facility maintenance can often be challenging.

But when repairs to assets and infrastructure are delayed or rescheduled due to limited resources the condition of those assets will continue to worsen and unexpected breakdowns are more likely. Ultimately, deferring required maintenance will shorten the assets lifecycle and require costly repairs or replacement sooner than planned. 

Even the ordinary tasks that appear insignificant can lead to a calamity. For example, forgoing changing your HVAC systems filters may appear to be a simple way to cut costs. But the more dust a filter collects the harder your HVAC system must work. This increases the risk of a major breakdown occurring.


Energy & Utility Management

We work with you to optimize your energy use and improve energy efficiency. It is a strategic approach focused on consumption, analysis of utility rates, and conservation. AES Building Services develops a sustainable plan that will save you money. With upgrades and retrofits, modernization, and thorough planning and  tracking our customers reap the benefits of energy efficiency.

To ensure that your building’s deferred maintenance doesn’t become a problem, AES Building Services employs a dedicated strategy and proper planning to account for all scenarios. This includes equipment lifecycle analysis, prioritizing maintenance for critical components, and periodic assessments of all mechanicals. 

Knowledge is power. Identifying, tracking, and planning for deferred maintenance can ensure that your facilities operate efficiently and safely and protect you from costly emergencies.